2010 Extension of the grammar shool in Eisenstadt, A
2009 ÖBB site developement D in Vienna, A
2009 Extension of a business school, Polgarstraße, Vienna, Austria
2009 New building for the city gardener´s in the Rathauspark, Vienna, Austria
2009 Alteration of the Faculties Architecture and Construction, Innsbruck, Austria
School, Linz, Austria

2007 Court building, St. Pölten, Austria
2005 Construction of a new building and alteration work on an old building for use as administration offices, Ministry of Agriculture, Wiener Neustadt, Austria
2004 Conversion of the main fire station, including the construction of a new building, in Leopoldstadt, Vienna, Austria
2003 Waste incineration plant, Pfaffenau, Vienna
2003 Alteration of the Museum of the 20th Century, Vienna, Austria
2003 Events centre in Zell am See. Austria
2003 New building for the Technical College in Hollabrunn, Austria
2002 Extension of the flight passenger building, Graz airport, Austria, Ist qualifier
2001 Residential building in the centre of Vienna, Austria
2001 Construction of new administrative offices for the government of the Province of Carinthia, Klagenfurt, Austria
2000 Interspar shopping centre in Wegscheid, Linz, Austria
2000 New building for the synagogue in Sankt Jakobs Platz, Munich, Germany
1998 New building for the district police headquarters, Melk, Austria, 2nd Prize
1997 Local council offices, Gablitz, Austria, 1st Prize
1997 Music Theater in Linz, Austria
1997 Residential building in Rösslergasse, Vienna, Austria
1997 New building for the council offices in Oberndorf, Austria, 2nd qualifier
1997 New building for the urban library, Freilassing, Germany
1996 Urban development design for Ried Kirchäcker, Eisenstadt, Austria
1996 New building for the Austrian Embassy, Berlin, Germany
1996 Urban development reorganisation of the area around Ottakring Brewery, Vienna, Austria
1996 New building for a residential home for the elderly, Manching, Germany
1996 New building for the House of Architects, Munich, Germany
1994 Greinbräu brewery site, Wasserburg, Germany, Ist prize
1994 New office building for the Ministry of Finance, Bregenz, Austria
1993 Housing estate on the River Liesing, Vienna, Austria
1991 New construction of the Austrian Pavilion at the Expo in Sevilla, Spain, prize winner in the first round of the competition
1990 Extension of the primary school, Steinhöring, Germany, 1st qualifier