2009 Conference Hotel, new building, Kish Island, IR
Office building and warehouses for Cargomind company, alteration and renovation, Guntramsdorf, near Vienna, Austria
2008-2010 Construction of a new building and alteration work on an old building for use as administration offices, Ministry of Agriculture, Wiener Neustadt, Austria
2007 Motel in Slamastrasse, feasibility study, Vienna, Austria
2006-2011 New construction of a car showpark for Toyota and Lexus, B+P Centre, Kaluzhkoje Chausee, Moscow, Russia
2005-2007 New construction of car showroom area for Ford, Huyundai and Mitsubishi, B+P Centre, Oktiabrskaja Embankment, Russia
2005-2007 New construction of car showrooms for Peugot and Mazda, Savushkina Chaussee in St. Petersburg, Russia
2005 Car showroom area in Kashirskoje Chaussee, urban development concept, Moscow, Russia
2005 Offices and factory building for Stahlwille company, design, Vienna, Austria
2004 Savushkina 2: Mitsubishi, design, St. Petersburg, Russia
2003-2006 New construction of car showrooms for Hyundai-Mitsubishi, Jaroslawskoje Chausee, Moscow, Russia
2003-2006 New construction of car showrooms for Mercedes-Benz, Warschavskoje Chausee, Moscow, Russia
2003-2006 Hyundai’s Moscow headquarters, Altufjevskoje Chausee, Moscow, Russia
2000-2004 Logistics headquarters Vienna docks, extension, reconstruction and restructuring of office buildings and warehouses, Vienna, Austria
2001 Sälipark shopping centre, façade design, Oltern, Switzerland
1999 Arlan car showroom project. Entusiastov Chaussee. Moscow, Russia
1998 Office building for the company Unger Stahlbau, project for extension and addition of an extra storey, Oberwart, Austria
1998 Petrol stations Genol, Corporate Identity study, Austria
1995-1996 Production hangar for the company Starmann, redesign of the facade, Klagenfurt, Austria
1992 Blaha Jeweller’s shop, conversion, Vienna, Austria
1991 New hotel building, project, Weißenhorn, Germany