2009 Attic extension for three apartments, Vienna, Austria
2007-2009 Residential building with 5 apartments, new building, Alland, Austria
2007-2009 B House, new construction of a single-family house, Alland, Austria

2007 House on a field edge, extension with wintergarden, design, Enzersfeld, Austria
2007-2010 Conversion of a turn-of-the-century villa, additon of wellness area, Mödling
2006-2008 Single-family house on the River Liesing, new building, Vienna
2005-2008 Atrium house in the city centre, new building and historical reconstruction, Moscow, Russia
2004 Design for a resort area for 6 villas, Veshky, Russia
2001 Apartment K., alteration, Mistelbach, Austria
2001 House for a pilot, design, Hainburg, Austria
2001 House with a sea view, design, Cannes, France
2000-2001 Alteration of an apartment, including addition of a terrace, in Vienna, Austria
1998-2001 House B., alteration, Unterolberndorf, Austria
1998-2000 Attic extension, multi-storey apartment house, Alland, Austria
1997-1999 House in Weinviertel, new building, Unterolberndorf, Austria
1997-1998 Attic extension in a listed building of historical importance, Randegg, Austria
1997 House with consulting rooms, design, Kollmitzberg, Austria
1996 Feasibility study, Kollmitzberg, Austria
1994-1998 Villa Enzian, addition, conversion and attic extension, Hinterbrühl, Austria
1994-1995 House E., addition of a new storey, Sollenau, Austria
1993-1996 Alteration and renovation of a residential building from the Wilhelminian style, Vienna, Austria
1993-1995 Jeweller’s apartment, alteration, Vienna
1993-1995 Single-family house in Bavaria, new construction, Erding, Germany
1991 Apartment and office building, new building, design, Krumbach, Germany
1991 House with recording studio, alteration, new building, project, Vienna, Austria
1990-1991 Apartment B., alteration, Alland, Austria
1989 House H., alteration, attic extension, Langenlebarn, Austria
1987 Weekend house, new building, Niederleis, Austria